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Crazy News ..... Rookie Safety Tanard Jackson may start Sunday


Rookie S Tanard Jackson WILL START Sunday against the Seahawks taking Veteran S Will Allen's spot!! Congrats Tanard you earned it with some impressive hard play. Now keep it up!! - Bucs Beat

The Pewter Report is reporting that Rookie Safety Tanard Jackson may start Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. The suspicion comes from Tanard receiving reps this week with the 1st Team Defense. Don't get excited just yet, he's been splitting them with Will Allen. Regardless Tanard figures to be getting some substantial playing time this weekend, which is good considering his Pre-Season efforts.

Here's Tanards take on the opportunity:

"They actually have me and Will rotating right now, so it isn't slated in stone yet," Jackson said. "But it is a possibility that I could be starting. I really don't know. I hope so. They have me running with the ones right now."

In the piece, the Pewter Report reveals that Sabby and Tanard have both changed jersey numbers. Sabby switched from 38 to 21, while Tanard switched from 36 to 28. Both of these guys should have stuck with their previous jersey numbers. Sabby because the number "38" just looks better on a Safety (honestly I just see flashes of Juran Bolden, eh) and Tanard because Warrick Dunn wore 28 (i know get over it), I can't though. Warrick was great (Damn you Rich McKay) and Tanard's got big shoes to fill, even if he does play defense.

The article also explains how Jackson and Piscitelli both roomed together during OTA's and how the two can't wait to wreak havoc together. I personally can't wait for these two guys to remain on the field full time. No disrespect to Phillips and Allen (okay, so maybe i meant a little disrespect), but Sabby and Tanard are going to be difference makers.