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The Bucs finally made some "Cuts" and Announce Practice Squad Players

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Officially made some Cuts this weekend .... They are as follows:

LB Jamie Winborn, DT Ellis Wyms, RB Kenneth Darby,

CB Marcus Hamilton, WR Mark Jones,

CB Alan Zemaitis, WR Chas Gessner, WR Paris Warren

The following were also Released:

T Chris Denman, CB Carlos Hendricks, TE C.J. Leak, WR Chad Lucas, G/C Enoka Lucas, LB Jerry Mackey, S Donte Nicholson, T Dennis Roland, FB Byron Storer, RB Lionel Gates, DT Darrell Campbell, DE Julian Jenkins, TE Keith Heinrich, CB Sammy Davis, LB Leon Joe


The Bucs have also announced their Practice Squad:

RB Kenneth Darby, CB Marcus Hamilton, TE Keith Heinrich, WR Chad Lucas, C/G Enoka Lucas, T Dennis Roland, WR Taye Biddle (off waivers), CB Anthony Madison (off waivers), and FB Byron Storer.

On to the debate ... I didn't forsee Ellis Wyms being cut (by the way, he's already signed with the Seattle Seahawks, hope he doesnt nark on our schemes), but at the same time we have a ton of depth on the DLine. Kenneth Darby, Mark Jones, Chas Gessner, and Paris Warren's Releases baffle me. Luckily the Bucs were able to hold on to RB Kenneth Darby as he passed through waivers. Who's going to return punts/kicks for us? WR Joey Galloway? Come on (he's our ONLY WIDE RECEIVER .... FB, FULLBACK Michael Pittman? Our opponents are laughing. Not that Mark Jones was a world beater or anything. Hopefully Phillip Buchanon is up to the challenge.

Missing from the list of Releases is QB Chris Simms, yep, the Bucs are carrying FOUR Quarterbacks on their 53 man roster. I'm not mad at this, if TE Jerramy Stevens can remain on the ball club, why cant Simms who actually did something for the organization. I would be surprised to see us enter the season with 4 Quarterbacks, somebody will be gone.


The Bucs arent the only team who cut players. The following list is of players the Bucs should absolutely look into acquiring:

WR Reche Caldwell - Released by the Patriots, LB Buster Davis - Released by the Cardinals, WR Craphonso Thorpe - Released by the Colts, CB AnWar Phillips - Released by the Jets, KR Jeremy Bloom - Released by the Eagles, WR Az Hakim - Released by the Dolphins, WR Keenan McCardell - Released by the Texans

Clearly I'm not very confident in our Stable of Wide Receivers. I think Gruden's putting to much stock, pressure, injury-risks on our Top WR in Joey Galloway .... But if you were on the hot seat, I guess you to would use every weapon available to you. I can't believe my boy BUSTER got cut. Cardinals HC Ken Whisenhunt said Davis didnt practice with enough intensity. That sounds alot like DE Gaines Adams, I hope the Bucs give Buster a look.