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The Tampa Bay Bucs Official Website has received a considerable facelift, click below to check it out:

The new website is pretty snazzy ... I'm not sure about the "Wide-Screen" format, but the overall impressions are a real upgrade to the previous site. You gotta wonder why they decided to go with FB Mike Alstott over QB Jeff Garcia in the Wall of Fame on the site. They have Caddy, Galloway, and Alstott, followed by Brooks, Barber, and Adams. Garcia should clearly be a part of the group of Players choosen to be mainstays on the site. Surely I'm nitpicking. I can't access all of the sites features since I'm at work, but the cosmetic upgrades are nice: the LARGER than LIFE "Countdown to Kickoff" and the "Gameday Matchup" are welcomed additions .... Go checkout the site for yourself ....