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QB Jeff Garcia, will he make it through the Season ALIVE?

You gotta wonder with the BEATING QB Jeff Garcia has taken in just Three Short Games, How long can he possibly stay healthy?

Thus far he has sustained a cut on his non-throwing hand, a concussion thanks to the Seahawks Defense, and he recently received a bloody lip courtesy of the St. Louis Rams Defense. I guess it could be worse: He could be in a hospital bed with a ruptured spleen ..... ahh Sorry Simms!

Our Offensive Line hasn't been great, but I also think Garcia's reckless "keep every play alive" mentality also gets him in trouble physically. I wouldn't change his approach for anything in the world and if the Receivers reacted just a tad bit quicker to their QB, Garcia might have avoided some of his existing injuries

So what do you think? How long will QB Jeff Garcia last? The whole Season? Until Mid Season? Until the 2nd Quarter of Sundays game, if Julius Peppers has anything to do with it?