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Congrats Earnest on your 1st CAREER TOUCHDOWN

Back-Up Runningback Earnest Graham from the University of Florida registered his 1st Career Touchdown in Sundays VICTORY over the St. Louis Rams. In Earnest Graham fashion he actually scored another touchdown ... to bring his career total to two rushing touchdowns. Its been a LOOOONG time coming for Earnest. He's been given the nickname of Mr. August for the past four years because of his performance in the Pre-Season. He's finally gotten the shot to carry the ball under the bright lights. What a great sotry and way to end Sundays Win over the Rams.

Here's Head Coach Jon Gruden on Graham's performance:

"Earnest Graham exploded onto the scene today," said Gruden, who also pointed to a big block Graham made on Mark Jones' 35-yard punt return in the fourth quarter. "The big question is, why hasn't he been playing? I want to tip my hat to him. It's a tribute to a guy who has been a great team guy. We've got to put our minds together and figure out how to get Earnest some more playing time. I'm really happy for him. He's a special guy." -

Jon, its simple, just play Graham when Caddy needs rest and sprinkle in carries from Pittman, the balance used Sunday (whether it was purposeful) was perfect. Its funny how Gruden asks why hasnt Earnest been playing, heh, I'll leave that one alone.

Earnest finished with 8 carries for 75 yards, 2 Touchdowns, and 9.4 yard average rush per carry.

Here's Earnest on his special opportunity:

"I just come to play football. I’ve been playing football all my life. I’ve been playing a lot of special teams. Then I just came in. Then it just so happened that [Coach] Gruden let me run the ball. I just play football. It’s all football to me. When I was in, I got yards. When Michael Pittman was in, he got yards. Cadillac Williams got yards. It’s just all credit to the offensive line. They did well today and it showed on the scoreboard." -