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Off Topic: Tampa Bay Devil Rays change Unis-Colors-Name

Our Major League Baseball Blog Brothren at DRaysBay have something to talk about, no "The Rays" arent headed to the post-season. They do, however, have new jerseys, colors, and name for the upcoming 2008 Major League Baseball Season. You can checkout the New Logos below:

The Rays logo on grey has kind of grown on me over the past couple hours, but overall, eh ... The colors are as weak as could be. I love Carolina Blue and even have the color in a tattoo on my left arm, but for the Tampa Bay Rays .... it doesn't exactly say "Down South" to me or Florida for that matter. Here's the New Unis:

The Jersey Lettering reminds me of the Kansas City Royals, I'm not sure why but it does. By the way, the teams name is now the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Subtle, but effective different. I like the hats, but other than that, heh. At least they didn't go with red or black, but still the developers should have put themselves out there a little bit. These jerseys-color-combos are bland at best. Plus, wheres the "Tampa Bay" Road Jerseys? hmph. My only question is, when will DRaysBay follow suit with its own Color change?