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Despite Sundays masterful performance by the Defense (and Offense) ... We only have 4 sacks through two games. One of those sacks was registered by S Jermaine Phillips. Two more were picked up by off-the-benchers in Jovan Haye and Greg White. The Final sack belongs to Starter Greg Spires. Guess who hasnt registered a sack yet? Big Gaines Adams.

At this point I dont think its a huge deal, considering Seattle had a pretty stout O-Line and the Saints line is nothing to snicker at either, but we've got to improve. In Gaines defense he did apply inside pressure on Hasselbeck and Brees to help Spires and White record their sacks. He's also had a batted ball or two. I'm not ready to start a countdown to Gaines first sack of the season, but he's gotta get more pressure on the QB. As does his counterparts. I keep reading and seeing that Kevin Carter is on our Defensive Line as a starter, but I havent seen anything from him on the field yet.

The 49ers sacked "The Greatest Show on Turf's" QB Marc Bulger SIX TIMES last Sunday, so this could be the week Gaines and Company unleash on the QB ..... Bring on the Rams!!