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Big Brother Derrick okay with sharing time with Cato

It was assumed that Pro Bowl LB Derrick Brooks was angry, irritated, and potentially pissed off that he was taken out of the ball game during several passing situations in sundays game in order to allow new LB’ing addition; Cato June; to do what he does ... Intercept Passes. The assumptions were made after Brooks immediately left the Stadium without speaking with reporters following Sundays shellacking of the former NFC Division Champion New Orleans Saints.

Well . . . the ish will never hit the fan, because Derrick Brooks is a class act and he played College Ball at FLORIDA STATE (don’t question it, just nod in agreement). Here’s Papa Brooks on the situation:

"It's one of those things man, you look at it and say let's see it before you knock it and see what it's like. Again, just coming in off the field, it has its merits. I was a lot fresher towards the end of the game and a lot more guys got some plays. It seems to work and we'll see where it goes from here" - Bucs Beat

I know that isnt exactly a ringing endorsement on being okay with losing playing time, but who would really be okay with coming out of the game? Derrick Brooks is the definition of a true competitor. I for one am glad he’s being pulled out of the game a bit, if it keeps him fresh and potentially around for a few more years I'm all for it.