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Barrett Ruud Dominated the Saints on Sunday


Looks like the rest of the League payed notice to Barrett's efforts this past sunday as he's won NFC Defensive Player of the Week. Good Stuff. - Bucs Beat.

MLB Barrett Ruud dominated the Saints on Sunday. He finished the game with 11 tackles, 2 forced fumbles and 1 recovered fumble. He looked way more loose out on his home field as opposed to up in Seattle. He set the tone for the rest of the game early on when he made RB Deuce McCallister fumble in the first quarter. He continued his ball stripping free-for-all by making the Baby Matrix in Reggie Bush fumble as well.

Aside from all the fumbles and recoveries, Barrett was laying hits on opponents left and right. He clearly solidified his presense in the Bucs Defense and made the acquisition of LB Jeremiah Trotter pure insurance now.

The best part of Ruud's maturation on Sunday was seeing him orchestrate the defense. There werent too many time-outs called on the defensive side of the ball, nor were there many missed assignments. A great collective effort was displayed on the field by our Defense and it all starts with the MLB in Barrett Ruud.

It's good to see a Allen-Gruden product actually pan out.