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Bucs WIN 31-14 over the Saints

What a performance this afternoon. Vintage Bucs through and through. It would be difficult for me to even give a game ball to one player. The entire team played as a cohesive unit and excelled at every facet of the game. Reggie Bush, Marques Colston and Company better go hit the ice buckets hard. The entire Defense was swarming today. Massive hits were dished out left and right today. I think we fans have been waiting for a performance like this for about a year and a half. Can you even believe you saw our Tampa Bay Bucs running on all cylinders on Defense and Offense? That's what this team can do when each and every player does his job and does it well. Even players like Jovan Haye and Greg White stepped in and gave huge performances.

There's not a single excuse Saints fans can use for the demolition derby they experienced today. They just got man handled from start to finish. Today was a huge test for this team. It was a test to see if the players would come out flat, expecting a loss. What we saw was a team determined to prove they have what it takes. I've said it all off-season and I'll continue to say it: This team is going to SHOCK competition this season. We've never had a Quarterback that can make things happen like a Jeff Garcia.

Cadillac stepped up today and played through injuries. He didn't rack up yardage but he did what he had to do to get into the endzone. The greatest outcome of this game other than getting the win, is that NOBODY SUSTAINED ANY INJURIES, that my friends is amazing. Bring on the Rams!!!!!!