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Gameday Thread: Tampa Bay Bucs vs New Orleans Saints 1pm Kickoff


If you click here you'll be taken to ESPN's Scoreboard Page where they have this lovely innuendo to Today's game against the New Orleans Saints:

"Winning in Tampa should be a `Brees' for Saints"

What looked worse? A (41-10) ass whipping from the Colts or a (20-6) demoralizing loss to the Seahawks? 31 Points looks bad ... Thanks ESPN for counting us out, I appreciate that. anyway ...... There is a ball game today at RAYMOND JAMES STADIUM, otherwise known as our HOME OPENER ........

Where: Raymond James Stadium
Who: Bucs and Saints
When: 1:00PM Est Time

DE/LB Patrick Chukwurah is out for another Week, DB Brian Kelly is Doubtful, DB Phillip Buchanon will start in his place, RB Cadillac Williams and DT Chris Hovan are game time decisions.

The Saints TE Mark Campbell is out for todays game.