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Random Tampa Bay Bucs Stories worth checking out

Here's a couple Bucs Stories I thought were worth pointing out to you:

Don't be surprised if you don't see Head Coach Jon Gruden along with other prominent coaches on the sidelines sunday. Oh they'll be there, they'll just be wearing disguises in lue of the New England Patriots Watergate Scandel. - St. Pete Times

You shall forever know OL Anthony Davis as "Uncle Phil" (from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) or as "Manatee" ... says "Long-Face" OL Donald Penn - Tampa Tribune

LB Cato June has been a big trash talker this offseason, but he's kind of quieted down now that his Alma Mater aka Michigan, well, SUCKS - Tampa Tribune

DB Phillip Buchanon is set to start in place of injured DB Brian Kelly .... Buchanon looked great in Training Camp and didn't get much PT in the Preseason .... we shall see - Tampa Tribune

The Bucs recently worked out KR Jeremy Bloom formerly of the Eagles. - St. Pete Times