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Caddy Ready to play Sunday?

Cadillac Williams thinks he may be able to play Sunday. Talking with St. Pete Times Reporters, Caddy had the following to say about his potential to play sunday:

"The (ribs) are doing a lot better,'' Williams said. ""From Sunday to today, they're a lot better so everything is looking very positive right now. I definitely wouldn't rule myself out the way I'm feeling right now. If it continues to get better, there's no question I will (play).'' - Bucs Beat

There are probably two camps on this issue: The Camp who wants Caddy to toughen up and prove that he can play, possibly with injuries. The other Camp wants Caddy to take Sunday off, rest up and come back next weekend completely healthy. Although the Saints game is more important Division Standings wise, I tend to fall in the "Rest-Up and get back to us when you're healthy" camp. I think we could storm one divisional loss (not that I'm throwing in the towel this weekend), but I'd rather have Caddy for 14 more games, rather than have a Saints LB put him out for several months.....

Here's Caddy on the actual hit he took from LB Lofa Tatupu:

"It was a tough blow,'' Williams said. "Initially, my thought laying on the ground was, Oh, man, I've broken my ribs. Once we got x-rays and they said everything looked good, I was just relieved to hear that. Monday morning, it was like I could barely breath or cough or make a certain movement,'' Williams said. "So today is Wednesday and I can cough without things hurting. Today is Wednesday and we play on Sunday, so that's a positive to me.'' - Bucs Beat

Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to Caddy playing Sunday, I just don't want him to trot out there if he's not at least 90%. As per the actual hit, that was a massive hit. That defense absolutely terrorized our back field. You gotta hope our boys don't get beat up like that this sunday.

Should Caddy play?