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Preseason Gameday Thread: Bucs vs Patriots

Bucs WIN 13-10

Gaines Adams second play consisted of a batted ball on third down (its nice to see it done to the opposition). We fans will really appreciate his athletic ability this season.

Ike Hilliard continues to be a 3rd Down possession type receiver

The 1st String Offenses Timing isnt quite there yet

The defense was Chippie, especially Safety Will Allen, the entire unit was flying around tonight.

Rookie Safety Tanard Jackson laid a Helmet losing hit on a kick returner helped by a 5 yard face mask penalty by LB Antoine Cash.

The first string Offense with QB Jeff Garcia went 2-and-out

LB Derrick Brooks nearly had an INT in the first quarter of play

DE Kevin Carter looks like an OLD LUMBERJACK

Back-Up Patriots QB Matt Cassel moved the ball well against our 1st team defense

Jermaine Phillips absolutely laid out WR Kelley Washington in the first quarter, by the way Washington is a good receiver.

QB Luke McCown reminds me of QB Trent Dilfer, "Hike, Look, Run"

Lionel Gates sealed his fate tonight by fumbling in the second half. It’s the jersey number Lionel, respect the number my man!!!!

FB B.J. Askew needs more playing time, he almost ATE a Linebacker out there

WR Paris Warren looked stunned to have such an open lane to the end zone on a strike from McCown.

Rookie RB Kenneth Darby looks like a dart out there. Big PROPS to the running game tonight, even Michael Pittman looked faster out of the gate, while lining up at Fullback.

The Return game was weak as usual tonight. Mark Jones just looks "blah: out there. Kyle Smith showed a little life, I’d like to see him get more playing time. By the way, did you see Kyle out there? He looked like a snowman in all that white!!!! Do what you do fella!

Tiki Barber will be in the booth for the Bucs-49ers game this season. Should be interesting to here his take on his brothers playing ability.

How hideous does our coaching staff look in collared shirts and slacks? They don’t look like they belong on a football field, much less the sidelines. It’s like a man wearing a suit with tennis shoes …. unacceptable ……

QB Luke McCown was your "Player of the Game" going 7-for-7 in pass attempts for 68 yards and a Touchdown

Rookie RB Kenneth Darby had a nice game with 15 carries for 84 yards and a long of 21 yards

All-in-All a fairly good game for it being the very first …….. Enjoy the rest of you’re Weekend!!!!!