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TE Alex Smith beats WR Ike Hilliard 17-10 in Madden '08

EA Sport's Madden 2008 hasn't event hit the shelves yet for regular joe's like you and me, but Tampa Bay Bucs TE Alex Smith has already beat the brakes off Tampa Bay Bucs WR Ike Hilliard in a Match-up on the new Madden 2008, which is set to hit the shelves this coming Tuesday (August the 14th).

In a match-up for the Ages (sarcasm), Alex Smith allowed a spectator to choose his Madden squad for him (The San Diego Chargers), while WR Ike Hilliard took the division rival Denver Broncos. Where is the Buc LOVE!?!? (That's coming shortly, keep reading) ....

The Two-Time Superbowl Madden Tourney Champion in TE Alex Smith led WR Ike Hilliard 10-to-Nothing at the half. Hilliard would battle back though and tie the game up 10-10 going into the 4th Quarter. Alex Smith would eventually leave the victor with a 2-yard Touchdown run with .... Nope you guessed wrong, not LaDainian Tomlinson, but with none-other-than Fullback Lorenzo Neal. I'll pause while you vomit.

During the Championship Game between Smith and Hilliard, there was a ruckus in the adjoining Gaming Trailer. Apparently Rookie Linebacker Quincy Black (here comes the Bucs LOVE) created himself in the game (which is ridiculous, EA Sports surely you put Black in the game, didnt you?) ... Anyway, Black got run over by an opposing Runningback thus causing a stir in the adjoining trailer to that of TE Alex Smith and WR Ike Hilliard.

With ALL OF THAT SAID, who is ready for FRIDAY's PRESEASON FOOTBALL GAME BETWEEN THE BUCS AND PATRIOTS? RAISE YOUR HANDS!!! oh and the release of Madden 2008 on tuesday!!!

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