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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fullback Mike Alstott is set to Retire


Apparently Alstott suffered another neck injury or is feeling complications from his previous neck injury. Regardless he's been place on Injured Reserve and will miss the entire season. Rumors are he'll retire. It's a shame an injury is making him retire.

The St. Pete Times is reporting that the Tampa Bay Bucs Fan Favorite in FB Mike Alstott is ready to retire and will through a press conference scheduled for later today ( is reporting of a Retirement Announcement scheduled for this Friday at 2pm).

This news doesn't shock me, but it does sadden me a bit. It's like our team of the Ages is no more. Obviously players get older with time, but its funny how it happens so fast. I'll forever remember Mike Alstott for his motor. He would always eek out the most yardage of every carry or pass reception he ever had. When I think of Alstott, I immediately think of ESPN's Chris Berman, with his "rumblings, stumblings, and burst-burst" play descriptions.

I'm not going to fool around and say Alstott was the Best Fullback in the NFL or even one of the Top 5, but in Tampa, he was/is/always-will-be the TOP Fullback ever to wear a Buccaneers Jersey. He made it cool to wear a Bucs Jersey.

With that said, its time to replace Alstott on the Southpark Buc Wall of Athletes, so who should replace Alstott? Derrick Brooks? Brian Kelly? Joey Galloway? Jeff Garcia? Who do you think should take Mike Alstott's place?