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Camp Updates from the Pewter Report

DT Ryan Sims batted down a Chris Simms pass at the line of scrimmage (shudder)

Gruden responding to FB BJ Askew after he lined up wrong at the line of scrimmage, "Come on, B.J.," Gruden yelled. "You [expletive] up everyday."

The following Players took the Afternoon off: LG Arron Sears, C Dan Buenning, CB's Ronde Barber and Brian Kelly, DT Chris Hovan, RB's Michael Pittman and Cadillac Williams, DE's Kevin Carter and Greg Spires.

Garcia threw a nice pass down the seam to tight end Alex Smith, who got himself open against the zone coverage and left rookie linebacker Adam Hayward trailing in the end zone

Gruden responds to Rookie LB Quincy Black who missed an assignment on Defense, "Come on, Quincy," Gruden yelled. "Let's get back in the game. No, that's okay. You go back to the sideline and hide behind Coach Kiff. Go hide behind Coach Kiff."

Those are some Classic Gruden quotes.

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