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Missing in Action during Fridays Preseason Game

The following Tampa Bay Bucs will not play during Friday Nights Preseason Football Opener against the New England Patriots:

LT Luke Petitgout - he's missed practice basically since Training Camp started (back)
WR Michael Clayton - he's nursing a leg muscle strain
MLB Barrett Ruud - a bruised knee
FB Mike Alstott - Fatigue
S Sabby Piscitelli - hamstring
QB Jake Plummer - big surprise here
QB Chris Simms - lack of effectiveness

source - Rotoworld

So i lied about the last player, but surely he won't be playing Friday. Hopefully, Hopefully, Hopefully this coaching staff learned something from last Pre-season and thats you gotta play your starting unit more than a quarter. I know it wont happen Friday due to it being the 1st of FOUR preseason games, but we all know how rusty this team looked for the start of last season. It could solely be attributed to the lack of play time the starters received (namely the offense aka QB) during last seasons Training Camp.

Are you ready for Friday or what?