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Step Right up and get your MIKE VICK CHEW TOY, heh!

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Over at the Fine World of , you can bid until your heart's content on .... Mike Vick Chew Toys ... in a word, WOW ....

That is hilarious and fairly original in thought content. Here's the sellers spiel for the item:

"Here is your chance to own the official Michael Vick dog chew toy !!! This is a limited edition product made of the finest "dog" chew toy material made for even the strongest dogs!! Great gift for your special pet to play with or take their anger out on the Michael Vick like toy which displays him wearing an Atlanta Falcons Jersey !! This will also make a great collectors item for sports fans and hobbyists everywhere, as production of these items are scarce and not known how long they will be on the market. Get them now !!!"

I guess the chew toy, kinda looks like Mike Vick, I mean it does have the #7 on it. Ha Ha ... What folks come up with to make a buck

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