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Meet the Tampa Bay Bucs NEW Cornerback ....

Saturday Bucs Fans in attendance at the Wide World of Disney Training Camp site got to enjoy the sites of a New Cornerback for the Bucs .... the new guy was none other than Head Coach Jon Gruden! Granted he was the only defender on the field. Gruden was trying to make the drill more interesting for his Offensive Unit. He lined up to cover WR Joey Galloway, wouldn't you know it Gruden picked the pass off! Gruden had the following to say:

"It was a great play, obviously," said Gruden (with a wicked smile). "I was out there by myself with no help. You saw it. I thought I made a nice play on the ball, and I did what Galloway does and threw it to the crowd. I was going to return it, but I had a late night last night with these scripts. I had some fun though."

I only have one question though .... Who was throwing the ball? Hah! These stories are great though and the type of variety I really enjoy reading about.