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A Tampa Bay Bucs Depth Chart is among us

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have released their mandatory Pre-season Depth Charts which can be seen by clicking here.

Some of the more notable inclusions are as follows:

Chris Simms is ahead of Bruce Gradkowski on the QB Depth Chart at #3

Galloway, Stovall (ahead of Clayton), Clayton, and Boston are your FOUR HORSE MEN

TE Alex Smith, FB Mike Alstott, and LG Arron Sears are all starters

Your front four on the D-Line are as follows: Spires, Hovan, Haye, Chukwurah .... what no Gaines Adams? No Kevin Carter? It's just pre-season relax!!

Quincy Black is first in line to back-up Cato June

Mark Jones and Chad Owens will return kicks

Lastly the RB Depth is how you would envision it: Caddy, Pittman, Graham, Darby, Gates

Who the FREAK is ready for some Football? I'm excited man, even though the starters won't stay in the game long, who cares .... look at the interesting back-ups we have in Adams, Carter, Piscitelli, Black, Darby etc etc ....

I can't wait until Friday Night!!!