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The Preseason Concludes with a "W" for the Bucs

Bucs Win 31-24

Here's some observations from the 1st Half:

DE Gaines Adams will START in the Season Opener against the Seattle Seahawks

Paris Warren had 4 Touchdown this Preseason, poor guy went down with a season ending injury in the 2nd half (Broken Ankle)

Jovan Haye needs to make the ball club, his motor never quits

Earnest Graham has earned a right to be the Bucs back-up RB, I'm sorry he has

Sabby Piscitelli intercepted Mr. NCAA Football '08 cover boy in Jared Zebransky

OL Jordan Black absolutely punished DE Gaines Adams with a CHEAP SHOT, my goodness

I have to be honest, I rented "Déjà vu" last weekend and had yet to see it so last night was my only opportunity before it had to be returned, so this Bucs Fan DID NOT watch the 2nd half of the ball game. Luckily I only missed 7 points being put on the scoreboard. I did however miss WR Paris Warren dislocate his ankle. That is truly a sad thing to hear about. He had 4 TD receptions in the Preseason and if I were the Head Coach, he would have been a lock to start at Wide-Out. It's obviously not Gruden's fault per say, BUT why in the hell was he still in a meaningless ball game, deep into the 2nd half of the game? Turning the Page ..... Gaines was slow to get up after a Cheap Shot by Houston OL Jordan Black .... I haven't heard anything else about Gaines, so I'm assuming he's okay. I'm pretty sure Gruden didn't put him back in the game after that.

Saturday Gruden and Co. are supposed to make the final cuts. That will be interesting. I'll try and post the "Make-the-Bucs-O-Meter" one more time prior to Saturday. I may not get to it due to the extended weekend. With that SAID, Enjoy your Friday and have a Safe Labor Day Weekend!!!!