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Tampa Bay Bucs Shopping WR Michael Clayton, HAH!

The Bucs Beat has confirmed that the Bucs are indeed Shopping WR Michael Clayton and have officially put him on the Trading Block. Stop Laughing let me finish. The Bucs Beat continues to say that the Bucs have a "Glut of Receivers" and that Clayton may have the highest value as he "has fallen behind Joey Galloway, Maurice Stovall, David Boston and Ike Hilliard on the depth chart." No, No stop laughing, you read that right ..... Who in their right mind would call the Bucs about a Receiver who can't beat out the likes of Stovall (who disappeared in the PreSeason), Boston (who has been out of the league for years), and Hilliard (who lets be honest, is no where near a #2 Receiver). WoW and I thought we were lacking Wide Receivers. Apparently we have a surplus of Wide Receivers. I guess that does happen when you have 5 Spots open and you have 6 or more Good Receivers. Hmmm, As our little world turns. How many calls do you think GM Bruce Allen received? None? Good Guess, but the Lions DID draft another Receiver this year, maybe they need another?