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Chris Simms to Bruce Gradkowski: Thanks Buddie

Sooooo QB Chris Simms may make it through the second wave of cuts expected to be handed out this Saturday, September the 1st. 3rd String QB Bruce Gradkowski has recently been fingered (grow up, no GROW up, okay okay, snicker if you must) in an article as having potentially taken part in a POINT SHAVING SCANDEL while he played collegiate ball at Toledo .... Has this been a productive off-season for Bucs Fans or what? My goodness, it's like we can't enjoy one week of the off-season without a player sticking it to the organization. If you must read the article up above go ahead, but all you really need to read is the quote below:

"One of the other names that has surfaced during the investigation, sources confirmed, is Bruce Gradkowski, the Rockets' starting quarterback in the 2003-05 seasons who now is a backup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Authorities have not spoken about Gradkowski's possible connection, but sources say investigators are examining his playing time in a number of games under scrutiny as they follow up on an allegation that Manni [local grocery store owner] had offered a Toledo player $10,000 to sit out particular games.

Gradkowski responded to the accusations this afternoon, well sort of

"I don't know what to say about that" Gradkowski said.

A PR Assistant with the Bucs stopped Gradkowski short of saying anything else about the matter. Obviously it doesnt matter how this matter progresses in terms of on the field for the Bucs this year. Bruce shouldnt see the field at all this season any way. It does however, help QB Chris Simms become closer and closer each day to making the Bucs Roster. Seeing how time restrictive the Roster Cuts are, its possible Simms gets cut anyway, but .... he may live to see another day should any more telling details come out about Bruce and his potential for Point-Shaving. Say it aint so