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MLB Barrett Ruud needs to lose the "Porn Stache"

WR Michael Clayton has a Mohawk, DE Greg Spires has a MAN Beard, and MLB Barrett Ruud has a "Porn Stache." Congratulations Barrett, I hope your happy with yourself. The guy finally gets the opportunity to crack the Starting Line-Up and he does it with a vomit-inducing mustache. Clayton said last night, he's sporting a Mohawk to bring some life to the Offense, I guess on the flip side, Ruud's doing it to bring some life to the defense? No Barrett, nobody likes a Porn Stache, unless you're of course in the business ...

No in all seriousness, I thought Barrett's played pretty well thus far into the PreSeason. MLB is a tough position that brings alot of responsibility in relaying schemes to the rest of the defenders and helping fellow defenders get in the correct position. Something tells me, LB Derrick Brooks has a hand in coordinating the Defense out there as well, I could be wrong though.