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Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Cuts-Are-Among-Us


It's official. The Bucs have released nine players TODAY: WR Jovon Bouknight, G/C Jonathan Clinkscale, DE Tim Jones, T Jabari Levey, C Nick Mihlhauser, WR Chad Owens, DE Jeremy Pittman, WR Kyle Smith and FB Zach Tuiasosopo. The Bucs also cut P Sean Douglass, Signed Bears LB Lance Briggs, Leon Joe and placed OL Jeb Terry and TE Matt Herian on the IR (injured reserve)

That's 9 of the 11 players that have to be cut .. I guess Allen and Co. are still in a debate on who to release. I'm sad to see WR/KR Chad Owens go, he had a spunky attitude but never took advantage of the opportunities given to him. Aw Well, N-E-X-T

The Bucs currently have 86 players on the active roster. We all know the team can only have 53 Players on its active roster come GameDay (actually Sept. 1st, but still). Our Bucs have to CUT at least 11 Players by Tuesdays 4pm Deadline. All in all, they'll have to cut or re-assign aka Practice Squad 33 Players. I wouldnt want to be Bruce Allen, heh. Okay so maybe I would.

These cuts make me automatically think of that HBO Show in which they follow a specific NFL Team and follow the team from Training Camp to the Opening Day Kickoff. The show I remember followed the Baltimore Ravens Training Camp. Head Coach Brian Billick would call in players to his office and had them bring their playbooks with them. Shortly after sitting in his office, the player would be let go. That was a great show, I think it may still be on, but I'm not sure. Anyway its gotta suck to hear that knock at your door and hearing "The Coach wants you, bring your playbook."