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Preseason Gameday Thread: Bucs vs Dolphins

Bucs WIN 31-28

Although LG Arron Sears and DB’s Tanard Jackson and Phillip Buchanon were held out of tonights game, had it been the regular season they would have played.

WR David Boston played tonight because the Bucs Organization feels he will be cleared of the charges he was given. If that’s the case why did he sit out the entire 1st Quarter?

The Bucs finally kept their first initial Drive of the game alive, while failing to do so in their previous preseason matchups. Progress is a nice thing

QB Jeff Garcia would have two huge plays on his resume if the opposing DB’s would stop holding our receivers, I mean Joey Galloway.

Garcia continued to show his impressive as heck elusiveness by shedding DE Matt Roth’s attempt at a sack, to bad Roth returned the favor on the following drive by intercepting Garcia on a screen pass to Caddy.

The Left side of the Offensive Line looked really good (minus what seemed to be the 1st False Start of the PreSeason earned by Petitgout), whats up with Donald Penn getting the majority of the snaps at RT? He did look good though, pancaking several defenders

How about LB Cato June the Magician stealing the ball from RB Ronnie Brown for an apparent Interception which he immediately turned into a Touchdown for the first score of the night (you gotta love players with cat like instincts-reflexes)


Ronde Barber absolutely punished WR Ted Ginn Jr. for gaining ground after the catch, eh

Gaines Adams stuffed the run for the most part tonight, he also had another batted pass playing the majority (if not all) of his snaps from the right side of the line.

Mark Jones and Chad Owens both looked like determined Kick Returners tonight. Their performances looked a heck of a lot better than their previous kneel down streaks, I’d have to give the nod to Mark Jones however …. as much as it pains me

CONGRATULATIONS are in order to the DOLPHINS Offense for completing a Remix of the "Statue of Liberty" play against the Bucs 1st Team Defense … Impressive

Caddy looked DAMN GOOD tonight, he broke 4 TACKLES on one play, Oh BOY!

QB Jeff Garcia cut his throwing hand at some point in the 1st quarter, he should be okay though. By the way, if you’re not a believer of this Bucs Offense with Garcia at QB, forfeit your Bucs Fandome Card now!

Pittman has looked super fast (especially reversing fields for 2 yards) and super refreshed this preseason … Obviously Security didn’t "Pat-Down" Pittman prior to tonights game, because he was flashing his g u n s in the 4th Quarter. lame, I know

The Receivers showed up tonight, HOLY %#$@! Galloway was, well, Sharp, Crisp, Classic Joey, but Hilliard looked good in limited action, as did Clayton (he had a drop tho), Boston and Stovall. Chas Gessner and Paris Warren looked GREAT. I don’t know how Gruden doesn’t attempt to put Chas in Regular Season games, he reminds me of a young Ed McCaffrey or a poor mans Joe Jurevicius. All Paris does is catch TD’s … I’d start: #1 Galloway #2 Michael Clayton (it’s the mohawk) #3 Maurice Stovall #4 Ike Hilliard (or 3rd Down Specialist) #5 Chas Gessner …… I’d keep Paris Warren on Special Teams and give Boston his pink slip

What did QB Chris Simms do in his first series of Preseason ball? He took a HUGE ASS HIT for a teammate and that was probably his last series in a Bucs Jersey … He’ll be decent for another team in the League

Mr. August aka Earnest Graham should seriously be the back-up running back this season. He secures the ball and picks up yards, what more do you need?

The 1st Team Offense played for a Quarter and a Half …. The Dolphins are apparently going to rest their starters for next weeks Preseason Game. The way Jeff Garcia looks, I would say he’s ready to play the Seahawks tomorrow, but I can’t say the same for his teammates (although they did ALL play well tonight). If I were Gruden I’d play the starters for the entire First Half on Thursday against the Texans. The team will have more than a week off from Real Game Action should he elect to rest all the starters, I wouldn’t be to confident if he did that. The 1st Team Defense got drived on like crazy by the Dolphins dink and dunk offense, that wasnt exactly heart-warming, but its the preseason so its hard to put a lot of stock into. Although tonights game was high scoring it felt like it dragged on forever. Thursday Nights game cant come and go quick enough. I'm ready for games that matter how about you?