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Buc'Em to be on Sports Talk Radio


I just wanted to take the time to thank the crew at 1570 The Zone for having a Bucs Fan come on their Sports Talk Radio Show yesterday. I could talk about Bucs Football for hours, luckily for their listeners they stopped me about 12 minutes into my breakdowns ... Once the PodCast is uploaded on their site, I'll post it here for you folks to poke fun at. Thanks again Andy and the crew, I had fun and lets do it again!!!

Tomorrow I'll be taking my Buc'Em knowledge to the Sports Talk Radio Airwaves over at 1570 The Zone. I'll be interviewed by Show Host Andy Sweeney as part of the Saturday Savage Radio Spot. The Show airs from 11am-2pm and I'll be on around 12:30pm Et Time. It's my first Radio Show (Other than calling in to Lex and Terry), so if I sound like pure rough shot, give me a break. Barring poor Cell Phone reception (DAMN YOU T-MOBILE) or they pull the plug on the offer, you should be able to listen live by clicking here and then by clicking the HUGE "ON-AIR NOW, Listen Live Link." Thanks for listening and Have a Great Weekend .... I'll try and post the sound bites if I can figure it out.