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Bucs WR David Boston charged with a DUI

The Bucs Beat is reporting WR David Boston was charged with a DUI Thursday Night and was arrested in Pinellas County. Boston took a breathalyzer test and the results were negative, he did however fail four field sobriety tests, which begs the question ... What was he Driving Under the Influence of?

Boston was found passed out in his Range Rover with the car still running and gear shifter positioned in (D)rive. His urine tests are pending so its difficult to suggest what type of repercussions could be coming for David. The Bucs did let him practice today in preparation for the Dolphins game this Saturday. Then again this could be Gruden holding on to every glimmer of hope he has.

It may be that he took too many pain pills (and became coma inducingly drowsy) or something to that extent (wishful thinking, i know). I'm just hopeful for a guy who is expecting his second child to be born in September, that his act is cleaned up and this was a medical condition that got him caught up. Feel free to break my rose colored glasses.