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Tampa Bay Bucs LOVE Triangle ...

Believe it or not, LG Davin Joseph has a HUGE crush on QB Jeff Garcia AND QB Jeff Garcia loves HC Jon Gruden ... the Triangle is complete. If you'll remember, earlier in the off-season Gruden confessed his love for QB Jeff Garcia here. Now Paul Domowitch of relays the love Garcia has for his Head Coach and the obvious crush Davin has for his new starting QB ... Joseph said in response to Garcia's lone Touchdown of the PreSeason:

"Did you see that [touchdown play]?" right guard Davin Joseph asked. "It was crazy. He takes those nothing plays and turns them into something. He keeps the offense going. Makes something happen. He has a never-say-die attitude that allows him to do that."

Are you getting excited for the season yet? The Offensive Line is HAPPY!!! Open the flood gates! I think we're gonna surprise some folks this year, so long as we don't start slow.