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With the Pre-Season winding down, Playing Time needs to be increased


Gruden on Potential Increase in Playing Time:

"We don’t know who the starters are. We’ve got veteran players who are fighting for roster spots also. We’re going to substitute as we always have, and you’ll see a few of the starters or veteran players a little bit longer than others."

Translation: The starters will play a little longer, lol. Whatever that means

Here we are, its late August and we only have TWO PreSeason Games left. The Miami Dolphins this weekend (who are undefeated) and then the Houston Texans that following Thursday. In other words, the PreSeason will be over in the blink of an eye and the Opener against the Seahawks will be upon us.

Before we get there though, we need to discuss Playing Time for these next two games ... What do you think would be sufficient playing time for the starters in this weekends matchup against the Miami Dolphins?

We all know how sluggish our offense looked out of the gates last season and I think alot of that had to do with Simms lack of playing time during the PreSeason. QB Jeff Garcia has yet to play an entire Quarter during the PreSeason. RB Cadillac Williams gets about 4 touches and then he's off the field. I'm not so much worried about the 1st Team Defense, they've looked stout thus far and I know they will bring it come Week 1. The Offense though needs to be in some sort of rhythm wouldnt you say?

I think the 1st team Offense should play the entire first half of saturdays game and maybe even the first series of the 2nd half. What do you guys think?