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Former DE Simeon Rice still in Tampa, looking for a job

Recently Released DE Simeon Rice was spotted at a Local Restaurant J. Alexander's on Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa Florida. He has yet to find employment through other teams in the league. The Titans, Jets, and Giants have all passed on the Veteran DE. The word floating around has the Bucs trying to lure Simeon back in at a discount, to which Simeon has rejected.

Who can blame the guy, with the manner in which he was let go, especially with how late he was let go in the off-season as well. I'd love to see him back under contract though. That would probably be the day Allen brings back Lynch and Sapp ... in other words:

n-e-v-e-r g-o-n-n-a h-a-p-p-e-n

Hat Tip to Andrew for the heads up