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Writing on the Wall for Bucs QB Chris Simms?


Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that the Falcons are keeping an eye on the Simms situation and that Head Coach Bobby Petrino really likes Simms' arm power, but that his health is a deterrent. Dave, we might as well become NFL prognosticators!

Two Preseason games have been played and QB Chris Simms did not make an appearance in either Match-up .... Clearly the Writing is on the Wall for his potential Release. Head Coach Jon Gruden squashed any ideas of Simms being placed on injured reserve this week in a Tampa Tribune article:

"I'm tired about talking about it. Everyday you see him. He's out here practicing. He's healthy. Why the hell would he go on I.R.? I don't understand why [he would go on I.R.], he's practicing," Gruden said. "I'm not trying to mislead anyone. We have cleared him to practice. If he were injured, he wouldn't be practicing and throwing 125 balls a day. It's the performance that needs to improve. I'm confident in time it will. He has been inactive for a long period of time. That's all I'm going to say."

Given all that Simms has given to this ball club (a Playoff appearance in '05, his spleen in '06), how would you feel should the 3rd Round Draft Pick from Texas be Released in the coming weeks by the Tampa Bay Bucs Organization?

On one hand, I don't understand how the guy can't be given the season off to fully recover from his spleenectomy. He's clearly suffering from lingering effects this offseason. Just because you're cleared to play doesnt necessarily mean you're mentally and capable of playing. On the other hand, this is the NFL, nothing is guarenteed and you the player have to produce or you stand the chance of being cut. Simms has been in practice day-after-day and hasnt shown enough to get on the Preseason football field. Thats a problem. He had Three interceptions in camp this week, in one day, thats a problem. I feel for the guy, but the bottom line is ... he's not ready to play and there's no room for Four QB's on the Roster. I'll understand if he gets released, but at the same time I think he's earned the right to take a leave of absense this season ala FB Mike Alstott, to try and get 100% Healthy for the 2008 Season Campaign. I have this feeling that Chris Simms will not be given that opportunity however. Which is sad, but expected in a "Cut-Throat" League.