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Preseason Gameday Thread: Bucs vs Jaguars

Bucs lose 31-19

Here's a couple thoughts from tonights game against the Jacksonville Jaguars:

P Josh Bidwell sent a punt 70+ yards to the 1 yard line (too bad he was inconsistent the rest of the night)

The First Team Offense went three-and-out to start the game.

DE Patrick Chukwurah got the start over Rookie DE Gaines Adams

QB Jeff Garcia is elusive and keeps plays alive that you (including his teammates) never thought were possible.

Caddy hasn’t looked good in the preseason. He got the ball three straight times in that first series …. he had a nice 6 yard gain on a catch, but his running game has looked sluggish at best (he needs more playing time, more on that later)

Something seems absent on our offense, Oh! it’s the wide receivers or lack there of

C Matt Lehr struggled tonight with the snap several times (shotgun, QB/C exchange into a fumble)

DAVID BOSTON is the first starting Offensive Player to record a touchdown this preseason, on a nice play by Garcia to keep the play alive

LB Antoine Cash sustained a serious looking knee injury, we’ll have to wait to see the outcome on that

Hopefully Gruden increases the Starting Offense/Defense’s playing time next saturday against the Dolphins. Garcia didn’t even play the entire first Quarter. Three Series and he was out. I’ll become a little concerned if he only plays one full quarter next week. We saw this last year with Simms and he came out of the gates rusty as a mother freak.

Rookie DE Gaines Adams played RE and LE, put a nice hit on QB Byron Leftwich and had a coverage sack, all-in-all a quiet night. I like how he finishes plays though.

DE Kevin Carter looked like Pooh Bear jumping on a Tree full of honey while sacking QB Byron Leftwich in the first quarter. That was a hilarious sack

The First Team Defense was swarming tonight, gain tackles were a plenty

Phillip Buchanon and Will Allen seemed to be in on every play tonight defensively, the guys were ultra involved

The Punt/Kick Returners really havent had a chance to show what their made of this preseason ….. hopefully that changes over the next two weeks

Over/Under on OG Davin Joseph getting in a fit this season, I’ll take two games, heh. He was jawing with the Jags Defense tonight, I love his fire!

The 2nd Team Defense left a lot to be desired tonight, which is really unnerving, in that if we stain any injuries on the 1st Team, it could get ugly quick. They were getting beat in every facet of the game, granted Jacksonville’s 1st Team Offense was on the field the entire first half.

It seems like we have 5 of the exact same type of receivers out there. David Boston running a reverse made that very obvious tonight. Galloway is our only deep threat and the guy is 35 years old. We could have the worst unit in the league. The dropped balls gotta stop.

TE Alex Smith looked shocked to receive a pass from QB Luke McCown. Alex, the pigskin looks a little different than a PS3 controller, huh? Just messing with you buddy.

WR Maurice Stovall had a nice cut back after the catch, too bad he fumbled. On the bright side, QB Luke McCown looked completely recovered from his previous knee injury while making a touchdown saving tackle.

Rookie S Tanard Jackson made some GREAT plays tonight, a goalline tackle sticks out the most in my mind. He could be the starter sooner than later. He left the game early with CrampieMcCrampertons aka Leg Cramps …. Should be okay

Call me Crazy, but I’m pretty pleased with QB Luke McCown as our back-up. The guy has a lot of poise out on the football field and doesn’t quit on plays.

I’m glad to see that the Bucs and WFLA extended their TV contracts, but their coverage tonight sucked …… you’d a thought a hurricane was rolling through with all of the snow that covered my screen.

Sammy Davis looked really good tonight, making several plays on a couple balls.

The Italian Stallion in Rookie S Sabby Piscitelli had an INT tonight, too bad he dropped it. He also made some tough hits tonight reminiscent of you-know-who

I LOVE B.J. Askew’s feisty attitude, Gruden’s got to get him more involved in the offense.

Have you seen TE Jerramy Stevens? or any other TE for that matter? hmm. It’s like we have 4 RB’s and a QB out there

Rookie LB Quincy Black had a fumble recovery tonight and was in on many tackles

WR Chas Gessner aka Casper from last Friday’s game actually looked like a real WR ……

QB Jeff Garcia was your "Player of the Game" going 6-for-6 for 43 yards and a score. He lost 14 yards on a muffed hand-off.

If you started watching this game about mid-way through the first quarter, you probably have a warped perception of what actually took place. Aside from a three-and-out to start the game, the offense really looked improved. Garcia was crisp with his passes and the RB’s were looking for the ball when Jeff had to scramble. You might have wondered where the wide-receivers go when Jeff scrambles. WR David Boston did come back to the QB for a nice touchdown to put the Bucs on the scoreboard. The 1st team defense absolutely shut down the Jags 1st team offense. Only when the 1st team came out, did the Jags offense find success, which started with a 30+ yard scamper from RB Maurice Jones-Drew. The 2nd Team Defense got completely man-handled out there. The Jags actually mounted a 95 yard Touchdown Drive on the 2nd Team Defense which is utterly discouraging. Head Coach Jon Gruden even voiced his displeasure at halftime:

"The 2nd Team Defense has NOT Shown up Tonight"

Gruden also expressed his displeasure with the Center-Quarterback exchange, saying that:

"The exchanges are getting ridiculous."

I whole-heartedly agree with Gruden and anybody that watched tonights game would agree. Heck the scoreboard proves the defense didn’t show up. The Center-Exchanges are shameful though. If you can’t snap the ball 5 yards to the Quarterback, what business do you have wearing an NFL Jersey? No really, its gotta be the most routine play of all time. We’ve all done it. If you can’t get it done in the PRESEASON, then I don’t have much confidence in you. All in all, the outcome isnt what you want, but it’s the preseason and the 1st Teams (Offense and Defense) looked very good. They need more playing time though and I hope the coaching staff can facilitate that.