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Training Camp Musings .....

Here's a couple Training Camp Thoughts brought to you by the Bucs Beat.

Offensive Lineman Donald Penn PANCAKED Rookie DE Gaines Adams in practice. This sort of thing happens from time to time I'm sure, you just don't want to read about it. For whatever its worth, I've heard Gaines is the type of player that excels under the bright lights, lets hope thats the situation

Gruden compared WR Ike Hilliard to former Buc and current Texans WR Keenan McCardell ... Jon? Do you even know who you had in Keenan McCardell? An Ike Hilliard? Not even close. Ike Hilliard is more reminiscent of WR Amani Toomer, you guys remember him? He can catch and thats about it. Come on Jon we gotta reach for a little more production. Hilliard can't even carry McCardell's cleats.

Gruden said there's three things to be happy about with LT Luke Petitgout: #1 - he feels good, #2 - he is good, #3 - thats something to be excited about. At this point, I'll take that!! Here's to a healthy Petitgout!

The Bucs signed FB Zach Tuiasosopo this week, who recently played for the Eagles. Don't you hate those signings that seem completely useless/pointless/etc? Pittman looks like a no-brainer at FB, have B.J. Askew back him up, if one of the two go down, move Earnest Graham to the position. It really doesnt matter i guess

QB Chris Simms has looked consistently bad this off-season. His most recent outing consisted of wobbly passes and three interceptions through 25 pass attempts. Not good numbers at all. I can't believe the rollercoaster QB Chris Simms has been on since taking over for QB Brian Griese a couple years ago, WOW. He's unlikely to play in saturdays preseason match-up

The Bucs play the Jacksonville Jaguars this Saturday Night in Preseason Match-up #2 ... Keep your fingers crossed for a healthy roster!!!