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Buc'Em with a Consumer Awareness Report i.e. Apparel

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With the Seahawks just around the corner, some of you might be venturing out into the world to pick up some Bucs Gear. If you happen to stop by a Sports Fanattic Shop or a Sports Authority Store, you may want to pick up a pair of Reebok Tampa Bay Bucs Mesh shorts. You're probably saying to yourself, I already own a pair, who doesnt? Well, this pair I'm telling you about has a rear pocket for your WALLET ... wipe that drool off the keyboard. That's right Buc Fans, you can wear Mesh Shorts to the grocery store without having to walk around with your wallet in your hand. These shorts also have two front pockets!!! I picked up the "Red" pair about a month ago at a local Sports Authority. That's the only color I saw that they had in the store. Sportsfanattic had the Pewter pair (which I initially had my eye on, until I found the Red pair). I've yet to see the Black pair in either store, but they DO exist online. The shorts are pretty pricy at $31.99 a pair, but when have you ever seen a pair of Mesh Shorts with a rear pocket? Add a Bucs Logo and we're in heaven. Anyway, consider yourself informed. Ladies!?!? Surprise your fellas with a pair. Gentlemen!?!? Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair.