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RB Michael Pittman to be the NEW Fullback

The Tampa Bay Bucs played Runningback Michael Pittman as a Fullback in last nights Preseason Opening Win against the New England Patriots. In short, I LOVE the move. Don't get me wrong, I wish Alstott was carrying the load, but Pittman is the next best thing. We've all seen Pittman run in short doses and he's great. He's also a fairly good blocker, which is key for a Fullback. I never really digged Pittman's speed as a Runningback or as a Kick Returner (hopefully that experiment is over) and playing Fullback should make his speed or lack there of obsolete. With this move he should also prolong his career. Pittman talks about the move here:

"We've been practicing on that all through the summer, me and the coaches," Pittman said. "My running backs coach (Art Valero) and Coach Gruden came to me and asked me about it, so most likely, I'll be starting at fullback this year."

Pittman on his other duties:

"I'll still have the same role playing tailback and third-down back when Caddy gets tired. I'll be bouncing back and forth. With me, I'm just trying to help the team and get on the field any way I can." - Bucs Beat

I don't know about remaining the 3rd Down Running Back AND the guy who gives Caddy rest. If Earnest Graham's and Kenneth Darby's performances from last night are any indication .... then they should be pulling back up duties. Darby looked like he could really secure the football as well.

Hey! Don't LAUGH at that art work up there! Pittman would be proud of his Gun being represented in such an artistic fashion.