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The Preseason BEGINS TODAY if you're a Bucs Fan

In case you've been out of pocket for a while ... our Tampa Bay Bucs take on the New England Patriots Tonight in Preseason Match-up #1. The game begins at 7:30pm Est Time. I'm not completely sure who's going to televise it ... Could be Fox, Could be the Sunshine Network, considering we were (4-12) last season, it may NOT be Televised. If I get a definitive answer I'll let you know or if you get an answer pleasssssse let me know. As I can't WAIT to watch this game tonight.

During the game, this website will provide a Live Blogging Experience ... its much like the NFL Draft, in that there's an open post waiting for gamers to post their comments, while a LIVE Game is going on .... I'm not sure whether I'll be in the gamelog or not, more than likely I will be, but we'll see what life throws at me ...

Anyway, the Bucs begin play today at Raymond James Stadium!!! Go BUCS!!!