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Tank Johnson to become a Buccaneer?

The boys over at have a feeling that recently released and suspended Defensive Tackle Tank Johnson may become a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. The reasoning is that Head Coach Jon Gruden is on the Hot seat and is pulling out all the stops this off-season in order to keep his job.

I don't think Tank Johnson has a shot in the world of landing with the Bucs. Yeah, I was shocked when Tight End Jerramy Stevens got signed, but he won't be suspended for the first 8 games of the season. Not to mention we are absolutely stacked at Defensive Tackle ..... it's not exactly a cupboard full of Pro Bowlers, but Chris Hovan, Greg Spires, Ellis Wyms, and Ryan Sims are certainly serviceable. That doesnt even include Kevin Carter who should "Hands Down" beyond a shadow of a doubt be starting at Defensive Tackle for the Bucs this season. While Gaines Adams gets his feet wet as a STARTING Defensive End. I sound like a broken record, but we did not draft the guy 4th, to sit him!!!