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Dave from "The Falcoholic," our Falcons Blog, discussed the Bucs Upcoming Season Tonight

First, I gotta praise my fellow blogger in Dave from The Falcoholic, our NFC South Atlanta Falcons brothren. He did a Bang Up job on the Broadcast Tonight, without any jitters, butterflies, or hiccups to speak of. Very impressive. Okay, Okay enough with the accolades .... Dave was asked what he thought the outcome would be for the Bucs this upcoming season. This is what the The Falcoholic had to say:

"The Bucs WILL finish 6-10 this Season" ..... Marinate on that Buc Fans. Ouch, Dave .... there's more

"Dave thinks Cadillac will have a good OVERALL Season." I like the optimism

"Stovall looks impressive, could surprise some folks." Keep it coming Dave

"Still respects the defense, agrees with the releasing of DE Simeon Rice." I think our Defense will have to carry the load as usual, but maybe not as much as in years past

"Dave DOES NOT respect the Bucs Quarterbacking Depth. Feels Jeff Garcia is marginal at best." I'd love to argue that point, but I gotta see Garcia in action, using Gruden's play calling

"Dave along with the Show's Host feel Gruden and Company are in desperation mode. Should Garcia struggle early, Gruden would panic and replace maybe a bit prematurely." Maybe you wanna blog for the Bucs Dave? I feel that same scenario could take place, mainly because it TOOK PLACE last season.

Dave also gave his take on the other competition coming out of the NFC South, here's his projected records:

11 to 12 wins for the Division Winning Saints, Sunil must be giddy over at the Canal Street Chronicles our Saints Blog.

8 to 9 wins for the Julius Pepper's, I meant Panthers, come on now! Jaxon over at Cat Scratch Reader our Carolina Panthers Blog must be grinding his gears.

AND Dave projected his Lowly Falcons at .... drum roll .... more drum roll .... 9-7 .... That's RIGHT Buc FANS ... to Finish the Season better than our Bucs .... Dave? Pass the Kool-Aid Brother!!! haha ...... A Vickless Falcons squad? With Joey Harrington under center? I've got you guys going 5-11 Dave, sorry Falcons Fans ....

What do you think Bucs Fans, is Dave INSANE or INSANE and CRAZY?

Do yourself a favor though and checkout Dave's Site, he does a heck of a job blogging about the Atlanta Falcons, remember, take it easy on him, ABSOLUTELY NO DOG JOKES... OKAY, OKAY one or two are allowed to slip but thats IT! Visit the mans site: