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Caddy is "110 percent" Ready for this SEASON!!!

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Cadillac Williams is 110% ready to go for the upcoming season reports the .

"I feel good, actually I'm 110 percent. I'm fine, foot, back, head whatever," Williams said. "It is football so you are going to get bang up and are definitely going to be sore, but at the same time it's a physical sport you just have to keep playing through it."

On people questioning his durability

"I don't know if durability is an issue, but I have actually been getting that my whole career," Williams said. "I don't know if it's because it's my size or what it is, but every little injury or knick I get it always comes up `He can't carry the load, this and that'. I'm wouldn't say that I'm out to prove that I can do it because I know I can and I will do it."

On the possibility of becoming a threat through the air

"When Jeff came in he kind of hinted to me at one of the first OTAs telling me to stay alive," Williams said. "He told me if a play ever breaks down that he loves to throw to the back out of the backfield so with him just saying that makes me a happy guy."

Mitchell from over at Juiced Sports reported just last week that Cadillac suffered from THREE HERNIATED disc's in his back last season. I'm not sure what to think of that revelation other than, i hope Cadillac keeps on truckin' .... As a Bucs fan, all you can do is pray your guys dont go down with an injury. As we know very well, if your QB or RB go down for the season, GOOD LUCK!!! Here's to Cadillac having a healthy season!!!