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Simeon Rice PASSES a ***Physical***


DE SIMEON RICE HAS PASSED A PHYSICAL, PRIOR to TAKING ONE WITH THE GIANTS, this my friends is alarming ... What kind of medical staff do we have first and foremost? Secondly, why in the heck did we let him go if he was 100% healthy? You guys can bring up the money all you want, but who would you rather have on the line? Simeon Rice AND Gaines Adams or just Gaines Adams? This was Simeon's last shot at banking a huge payday to hang his hat on, the guy HAS to play like a beast AND he will, for another team. Finally, if your a player on the Bucs, how in the world can you TRUST what the doctors are diagnosing you with i.e. Chris Simms etc. Shameful, just shameful. We should hear TODAY (wednesday) on whether or not he failed the Giants Physical.

Apparently Simeon Rice is having his name drug through the mud by Giants DE Osi Umenyiora, if you care to read about it, click here.

The Tampa Tribune is reporting that recently released DE Simeon Rice is scheduled to take a Physical on wednesday before signing with the New York Giants ..... The question is, will he pass it? If he does, what does that say about GM Bruce Allen, HC Jon Gruden, and the Bucs Medical Staff? We'll have to wait and see, could be interesting.