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QB Chris Simms to be RELEASED!?!?!

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General Manager Bruce Allen had a Press Conference today after the Rained out Training Camp Session. During the conference he was asked about Simms condition, in which he denied the reports of Simms battling complications due to his spleen injury. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and click this link to read the questions reporters fielded to Bruce. The repetitive nature of the questions is hilarious. Oh and by the way, Chris Simms is fine or so Allen says.

On Saturday, QB Chris Simms was throwing the ball well and actually received praise from Head Coach Jon Gruden on the progress he's made. Since Saturday though, QB Chris Simms has missed Practice back-2-back days, due to a sore throwing arm. If that isnt worse enough, Simms has also been down-graded to the teams 4th Quarterback on the depth chart. OUCH, apparently Simms has to take anti-inflammatories and other medications just to get on the field. He also currently suffers from proprioception, a complication endured from his ruptured spleen from last season, the complication causes Chris to not be able to know the position of his arms and legs in relation to his body (which is clearly not good for a Quarterback). The Bucs have two options: Release the guy or put him on the PUP List and hope he gets better. They didnt waste any time on Simeon Rice, will they with Simms?

You gotta feel sorry for Chris, forget playing for the Bucs, his career could be over due to last seasons injury. I had high hopes for the guy, especially after seeing what he and Roy Williams did together at Texas. I hoped day and night that QB Brian Griese would go down with an injury, so Simms would once again have another shot. That scenario took place and Simms helped us into the playoffs. It's a shame whats happened to the guy since then. Hopefully he can rebound. - moving on -

The Bucs Depth Chart at Quarterback looks like this at the moment:

QB Jeff Garcia
QB Luke McCown
QB Bruce Gradkowski
QB Chris Simms

Raise your hand if you feel comfortable with QB Luke McCown stepping in should (knock on wood) QB Jeff Garcia get injured? Yea, I'm not comfortable either. You know what though, I'd rather stick with what we have and save the money received by releasing Simeon Rice and potentially Chris Simms, rather than squander the money on Veteran Quarterback Daunte Culpepper. He looked like he was playing in slow motion for the Dolphins last season and now he's a year older. Let's put it this way, even The DOLPHINS wouldn't play the guy, that says alot.

Where's the optimism from Training Camp?