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Pro Bowl Linebacker Derrick Brooks joins "Wall of Fame"

Our very own Tampa Bay Bucs Pro Bowl Linebacker in Derrick Brooks was recently inducted into the "City of Champions Wall of Fame" at an airport in Pensacola Florida. Derrick Brooks is only the 4th inductee of the "Wall of Fame" .... He joins Pensacola natives: Don Sutton, Emmitt Smith, and Roy Jones Jr.

"The purpose of the Wall of Fame is to immortalize the community's elite sports legends, to serve as an educational tool to help build character, self-esteem and role models for youngsters to emulate and to enhance the image of the Pensacola regional area for tourism and economic development purposes." -

That's gotta be a great feeling for Derrick to be memorialized in his old stomping grounds. You can add that mural to one heck of a career