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More Tampa Bay Bucs Training Camp News

Here's more notes courtesy of the St. Pete Times:

Derrick Brooks ended Saturdays Practice a little early with a tweaked hamstring. Obviously this shouldnt effect him for the start of the season. ...UPDATE... Brooks is in Pads this morning .... can stop the Brooks being released chatter, you fellas are scaring the heck out of me, STOP IT!

Today's Practice will be the first in FULL PADS!!

QB Jake Plummer is still a what? A no Show, you guessed it!!

Guess who visited Jon Gruden and the Bucs this week? None other than DT Warren SAPP, who now

FB Mike Alstott had butterflies before the start of Training Camp - Bucs Official Site

Galloway was checking out WR/Singer Michael Clayton (who was wearing a tight t-shirt) and came up with the conclusion that Clayton's ready to play this season (as in '04 form play).

DE Greg Spires is sporting a Ridiculous Beard and he's grinning from ear to ear (must be the playing time that opened up with Simeon being axed). By the Way, don't act like you didnt notice that FLORIDA STATE T-Shirt he has on!!!!

Bucs QB Bruce Gradkowski has been "clearly struggling to complete passes" in practice

QB Luke McCown has arguably been the best QB in Camp, heh. - Rotoworld