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Simeon Rice CALLS out Head Coach Jon Gruden

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Let me just jump right into it, Simeon Rice had the following to say after being released by the Bucs yesterday:

"He's [Gruden] the phoniest [expletive] in the world," said Rice. "Jon Gruden didn't have the decency, after all these years and all we've been through together, to talk to me face to face. I know he's happy today."

"The only fall-off year I had came when I was hurt," he said. "I came here for a million dollars in 2001. I took a pay cut to come to Tampa just to show the world what I could do, and I'm going to come back full throttle. I'm still not 100 percent. I played two games last year with one arm and I'm not right yet. If another team out there respects me, I'll be right in three or four weeks."

"I'm the most consistent thing they ever had in Tampa. I'm excited about the future, because I believe in me. I always bet on black, baby. The next step is to let my body heal up and then I'll be a maniac. I'm an ageless wonder."

Whoever gets me is gonna be happy," said Rice. "I'll be grabbing my crown back. I'll miss [Derrick] Brooks, Brian Kelly, Ronde Barber ... those are my guys forever."

"All the Bucs did today was give me an adrenaline shot in my arm." - Tampa Tribune

To be honest, I was right there with Simeon after reading his first few comments and I even wondered whether or not there would be a mutiny in the locker room (a divide if you will) toward Head Coach Jon Gruden. BUT that final line about needing an adrenaline shot makes me question whether or not Simeon had become complacent or less hungry toward the end of his stay in Tampa. Clearly thats not an excuse or reason to release the big fella AND mark my words we will PAY for it big time. This puts an unreal amount of stress on Rookie DE Gaines Adams and it also allows teams to key in on him, as there is no longer a Pro Bowl type athlete on the other side of the line to help draw coverages. Ouch, I hope you know what you're doing Gruden/Allen (The past doesnt bode well for you two i.e. Lynch/Sapp).

It will be interesting to hear teammates comments ..... Don't let us down St. Pete Times, Tampa Tribune, Pewter Report!!!!!