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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers begin their 1st Training Camp .... musings

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The Tampa Bay Bucs have Officially kicked the doors open on Training Camp 2007 ..... Here's a few note worthy tidbits from the St. Pete Times:

Patrick Chukwurah was lined up with the first team at defensive end in today's morning practice. Not Gaines Adams LOL

QB Jake Plummer has yet to make it to the Wide World of Disney for Training Camp, go figure

The battle between Michael Clayton and Maurice Stovall is heating up with both players making fantastic catches this morning. Here's a crazy idea: Play both Receivers and make Hilliard carry a clipboard.

Chris Simms received praise from Head Coach Jon Gruden ..... Is that a signal that he's about to be released? Simeon Rice received the same praise for being on schedule with his rehab and for showing up to voluntary Mini-Camps although he was unable to practice

Dan Buenning is alive and well AND practicing, which is very nice to see. Keep up the pace Dan!!!

Gruden IS implementing the Shotgun Formation into the Offense:

"I grew up in a different place, I guess," Gruden said. "I grew up under Bill Walsh and Mike Holmgren, and those guys weren't in the gun very often. ...But modern-day football now is a blitz league, a creative blitz league. There aren't a lot of teams that line up conventionally, snap-in and snap-out. We're looking for an edge in pass protection and the shotgun can certainly help us."

Finally some good news, but hey "modern-day football" .... i thought we had Jon Gruden as a coach not Grandpa Gruden .... I realize I'm only 24 years old, but ever since I was old enough to pick up a football, defenses consistently used blitz packages and offenses used the Shotgun formation to offset it i.e. Steve Spurrier. Oh well, what do I know.

Come on St. Pete Times, ask one of the cogs on the D-Line how they feel about the Simeon Rice departure!!!!! Chris Hovan would be a lovely candidate!