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The Bucs Sign Quincy Black and Release a QB/LG

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The Bucs signed their 3rd Round Draft Choice today in LB Quincy Black reports the St. Pete Times. Black signed a 4 year deal with a signing bonus of $825,000. Seems like a reasonable win-win for both sides financially. Quincy should be able to soak up the knowledge his Rookie Season while potentially seeing playing time early on, should MLB Barrett Ruud struggle in his first attempt at being a full time starter. Quincy and his incredibly large "guns" should see continued playing time on special teams.

In other news, Jon Gruden actually released a Quarterback today believe it or not. Nebraska Quarterback Zac Taylor was let go today along with Guard Anthony Wollschlager. Although the QB Depth Chart has been dwindled by one today, this could signal the opportunity for the Bucs to bring in Free Agent QB Daunte Culpepper. We'll see as usual ...