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A Lame Duck Gaines Adams and the Bucs are finished?

Peter King of recently picked Bucs DE Gaines Adams as the 3rd Highest Rookie Under Pressure this upcoming season behind the Bills Marshawn Lynch and the Rams Adam Carriker. King even goes so far as to say the Bucs will basically be "Dead in the Water" should Gaines Adams turn in a season similar to Cadillac's Sophmore season.

To that I say ... BAH! ... A Rookie is not going to make or break this season (especially when Rice is in a contract year and Kevin Carter is in the line-up). I agree with King and the rest of Bucs Nation in that the Bucs should NOT have Drafted Gaines 4th if they didnt plan on playing him. I mean, enough with the Gaines battling Simeon Rice to start on the Right Side of the line. For the ump-teenth time, start him on the LEFT SIDE of the line. Whats it gonna take? It's like the Shotgun formation stubborness .... how many non-sacks/batted balls will it take to make the right decisions?