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couldn't find anything worth a damn out there so i thought i would just vent:

  1. why are the bucs so intent on trying to win now. to me the bucs biggest problem is the aging of the team, so i don't understand the jeff garcia and jake plummer, and jeramy stevens signings. why dont the bucs do what the 49ners did and re-built the team through the draft and poor veteran signings.
  2. Why does it seem like the bucs gave up on chris simms, i still remember the washington game, when i really turned it around... so what does the team see in him that i don't. (probably alot i mean i havent taken a shower with the dude or anyting) but seriously come
to sum things up. i dont understand this offseason for the bucs at all! [editor's note, by kmac68k12] ncaa football 2008 is the greatest game i have ever played, forget madden, this is the real stuff.

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